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What To Remember When Applying For A Mortgage

Dos and don

In my last post, I discussed which banks have the tendency of denying you home loan.  A big part of this problem are the caliber of employees handling your loan and the other are just the banks rules on approving each loan (specific bank overlays).

Applying for a mortgage is the most important step in the home purchase process.   As part of my loan application process, there are important key points I make sure to discuss.  There are very important items to remember to do and of course not to do.

A few things you should do are:

  1. Ask you Mortgage Banker questions – if you’re not sure, ask. The banker is the expert and should be able to answer all financing questions
  2. Provide accurate information –  i,e. accurate term on a job/length in present address etc.
  3. Know the loan terms – Ask the difference between FHA vs. Conventional – Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate

A few things you should not do:

  1. Don’t lie on your loan application – be truthful on your intentions of occupying the home, source of down payment etc.
  2. Start a loan process when you wont be available – Do not start the loan process if your planning a long vacation, go on maternity leave etc.
  3. Make major financial changes – do not change jobs, open new bank accounts, open new credit debt or make large purchased such as a car etc

Contact me today to discuss any questions you may have in regards home financing.

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When it comes to obtaining a home loan, Big Banks do a great job wasting consumers’ time and money.

Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank Of America are the leaders of the pack! Chase takes the throne with rejecting 1 in every 3 loan applicants! read more

Home buyers who get rejected for a mortgage at one large bank could get approved at its competitor—assuming they know NOT to give up the search. “It absolutely makes a difference where you go,” says Stu Feldstein, president at SMR Research, a mortgage-research firm.

About 25% of my own business in 2012 came from “rejected” clients of these banks. All were discouraged/disappointed and most of all confused.  How could a bank who easily takes their checking/savings, just deny them from purchasing their dream home?? It baffles me.

I was able to close every single one of these clients in less than 30 days.

Share this article with anyone you know who is thinking of purchasing a home.

Alex Romo – Home Loan Expert

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Important Steps To Land The Best Mortgage

I spent some time talking to key real estate professionals this week and a common subject came up.  Buyers are not doing their homework when it comes to getting a mortgage.  Producing Realtors know that Big Banks are not always the best options for homebuyers.  With issues from inexperienced Loan Officers to lenders outsourcing Appraisals through AMC(Appraisal Management Companies), realtors and buyers soon realize they lose complete control of the loan process and are at the mercy of the Big Bank problem. We all know someone who has experienced this.

Buyers – get informed!

Deciding to purchase a home can be an exciting life changing event.  City or burbs? If you have you children or planing to have in the future, school districts come to mind.

dont forgetKey steps to remember:

1)Prepare for the increase in mortgage rates – especially if you’re not purchasing in the next couple months . Feds are tapering off the purchasing of bonds which will indeed have a direct effect on interest rates

2)Work with a Mortgage Professional to run your credit report/analyze your liabilities and assist in improving your score to obtain the best rate and program for your home loan

3)GET PRE-APPROVED!!!! – Even before you start looking for a house, you should get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will make you a stronger buyer, because sellers will know you have the financing in place to move forward. In addition, getting pre-approved for a mortgage amount “sets boundaries around what you can afford. Those boundaries dictate what your price range is,” said McBride – read more

For the best mortgage advice and program options in the market, call me today!


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GET FULLY APPROVED TODAY!!! I will make you into A CA$H BUYER in this tough market!


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5 Possible Outcomes of Higher Mortgage Rates


At the beginning of May the average mortgage rate for a 30-year FRM was just 3.35 percent. Since then, as tracked by weekly surveys from Freddie Mac, rates have risen aggressively, and as of August 22, the average rate on that same 30-year FRM was 4.58 percent.

Much of the mortgage-rate discussion thus has dealt with numbers, specifically, how much homes sales will be impacted. So for this story, we wanted to take a look at some broader market forces, and how the rising mortgage rates could impact those elements.

1. Housing demand could fall – There are two sides to the housing demand element, both very interesting. On one hand, consumers buy homes with the future in mind, so if mortgage rates appear to be rising, consumers may be incentivized to buy now before rates get any higher. On the other hand, though, the speed in which rates increase also matters, and if rates rise too quickly (as they have the last couple months), they could scare buyers away.

2. New buyers will not arrive – Falling mortgage rates entice many consumers to consider homebuying, but there’s little evidence that rising interest rates have the same effect. Again, consumers who were already considering homeownership may expedite their purchase to lock in low rates, but the renter with no interest in homebuying will not likely follow suit.

3. Rising rates are bad for the high-end and low-end – Both entry-level and affluent homebuyers are most affected by rising mortgage rates. Whereas first-time homebuyers are priced out by rising rates, move-up buyers who were considering homes in the $1 to $2 million range may forgo a new purchase and decide to renovate their existing residence instead. According to a recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal, the monthly payment on homes with a 10 percent downpayment has gone up by 13 percent with the rate increases.

4. Investors are in a quagmire – Though many investors, noted the Journal, may be excited by the rate increases, given that they eliminate many potential competitors by making home purchases more costly, some may also be turned off by the increases, especially with how difficult it has now become to find the ridiculous bargains of 2009 and 2010.

5. The housing rebound will not end – Some spectators have feared that the rising mortgage rates will prematurely end the housing rebound, but that will only happen if rates continue to rise at their mid-summer pace, which is unlikely. Instead, what we’ll probably see is a slowdown of home prices, and a return to the steady, consistent growth that has typically categorized the housing market.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      by Peter Ricci

– See more at:

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**Alex was very helpful during the entire process. He took the time out to explain every step of the loan process from start to finish. Every time that I had an issue Alex was always a phone call away, and he actually answered it. No voice mail, which gave my wife some piece of mind. He did a great job, and I would recommend him to anyone.
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**I was looking for a home in the Chicago area and because of my current credit situation I looked to my father to apply for the loan instead of applying myself. My father was a preferred customer at Bank of America and according to our loan officer there, it was a sure deal that the loan would be approved. After a long period of time and very little communication the loan was declined with no immediate explanation. After that whole mess, I was in contact with Alex Romo, not only did he get an approval but he helped me get my credit in line and I was approved by myself. I highly recommend that anyone looking to get a home loan contact Alex. He knows the mortgage process inside and out.
- Eric H.

**Alex really does go above and beyond in helping you get the mortgage that is right for you and your family. He is knowledgeable and more importantly he takes the time to EXPLAIN the often times too wordy jargon that is mortgage language.
- Janie

**Alexander Romo takes the stress out of purchasing a home! Alexander took care of everything for my family while applying for a loan. Alexander was with us from start to finish! When purchasing a home, I highly recommend Alexander when looking for a great loan!
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**Alex has been a pleasure to work with on a number of legal transactions. His extensive knowledge, initiative, responsiveness, and hard work are only overshadowed by his honesty and integrity. I wouldn't hesitate to refer any of my clients to Alex for their borrowing needs!
- Attorney Jay R.

**Alex was very Helpful, and was the only person that was able to get me approved. many others tried but just couldn’t close the deal. Thanks Alex
- Juan A.

**My experience with Alex has been great. He is very quick and responsive and does a great job for his client.
- Margaret L.

**Alex really knows how to take care of his clients. From beginning to end, he was always available to answer questions. His knowledge of the housing market puts him at the top!
If you're in the market to purchase, Alex is your guy! I will recommend Alex to everybody I know
- Maria O.

**Alex is great with follow up and has tenacity to get you or your client the best rate and make the deal work for everyone.
- Phil B. Realtor

**Alex is very professional as a loan originator for The Federal Savings Bank. He follows up with his clients and attends all his closings. I would feel compfortable in recommending him to my follow colleagues.
- Sylvia R. Realtor

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